September 29,2022
Top 7 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Following In 2022

The web pages from 2010 and 2022 are vastly different. Web design is a highly creative industry. Thus there are constantly new trends, experiences, and graphic design components to master. They not only keep you up to speed on the top web development companies and provide constant inspiration, but some also provide free tools and tutorials to help you continue learning.

  • Smashing  Magazine

Smashing magazine covers various topics, including accessibility, usability, and online design. You can also hunt for specific articles using the search box at the top. Thousands of web designers claim this site is their first stop for inspiration and queries.

One feature that sets them apart is that they provide an area where web designers can search for employment anywhere globally, even from home. This site offers it all: templates and plugins for free, live workshops, e-books, and instructions. You may also sign up for their weekly newsletter, which will be sent to your inbox. It can be counted among the top web development companies.

  • Webdesigner Depo

Webdesigner Depot, probably the best top web development company, contains everything you need for design, UX, ideas, and the most recent news in your profession. You may not only acquire recommendations but also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of certain items.

They also include tips on utilizing various web design tools and other important information for web designers. One of the best parts of Webdesigner Depot is that you can always discover great prices and freebies to utilize in your designs.

  • Envato Tuts+

This top web development company is an excellent resource for learning about web design, user interface, motion graphics, and other relevant subjects. You may enroll in their courses and utilize their lessons and guidelines at your leisure. They've also organized these courses and manuals so that you can quickly discover all you need.

The most excellent part is that you don't need to know much about coding or a design language to utilize it. There are several illustrations and examples to assist clarify everything.

  • Ruttl blog

Our ruttl blog has a wealth of valuable material, including design and development news, recommendations for increasing developer and designer productivity, and practical ideas that your design team can put to use right now. This top web development company also offers a "Knowledge Box," which contains brief postings that are simple to read, comprehend, and apply. Ruttl works in the design industry. Thus his blog is packed with real-life challenges and solutions.

  • Design shacks

You may read various items on Design Shack's blog, including tips and tutorials, the newest online design trends, and examples of work that inspired them. There are also many extensive instructions and tutorials to help you learn and grow. These top web development companies also offer an active community on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, where you can connect with others in your industry who are interested in the same things you are.

  • Web Design Ledger

When you need inspiration in the morning, visit Web Design Ledger. It is well-organized and contains a wealth of valuable information on various subjects and can be consider as one of the top web development companies. They also feature content categories for web designers such as portfolio, e-commerce, mobile, business, and wearable. You may learn from thought leaders in the sector in their interviews section. You may learn about the newest design tools in their review area. This blog is an absolute must-read for you.

  • Dribbble

Want to know what's trending in design right now? Or have a peek at the design portfolios of fresh and established web designers? Courtside: Then check out the Dribbble Blog, probably one of the best top web development companies. You may even reveal your design to the whole world and get comments. You may also sign up for live seminars and courses there.

One thing that sticks out about their website is that it is visually appealing and straightforward to navigate. They've even created simple categories like animation, typography, mobile, etc. If you purchase their "Pro" edition, you will be able to apply for freelance design tasks to learn and earn additional money.

  • Line25

Line25 distinguishes itself by not just writing blog entries on well-known design trends and news but also discussing more generic yet still essential design and development subjects. These topics of these top web development companies might be about philosophical design issues, such as deciding between minimalism and maximalism. They also provide a lot of freebies, such as Photoshop templates and portfolio layouts.


Most of this site's most excellent web development blogs focus on front-end code. Contributors with a good reputation also share their professional experience. You may learn about other aspects of a developer's life and interests, which may pique your interest in web development. So don’t waste time seeking help from one of the top web development companies for the overall development of your website.



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